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    Join Me From Anywhere In The World!

    Connect, Collaborate & Recharge

    (complimentary event)

    Let’s set aside some time to work on developing your business or personal growth [or both]!

    My Connect & Collaborate strategy sessions provide you with a unique opportunity to express YOUR needs. I look forward to supporting your progression by using my global network to connect you to the resources to launch you to the next level of success.

    This is a small collaboration group. Seats are very limited to create a personalized experience where you get to showcase your goals.

    My mission is to help women command their space at the head of the room. I believe that by merging strategies for; development, leadership & financial health, we can confidently dominate our respective roles.

    FORMAT: Peer - to -peer mini mastermind.
    Come prepared to discuss your needs. A full section of the event is dedicated to your spotlight time.
    Camera and full engagement required.


    Option 1: Tuesday 23rd February at 2pm London time



    Option 2: Wednesday 3rd March at 4pm London time



    Option 3: Tuesday 16th March at 2pm London time



    Option 4: Wednesday 31st March at 4pm London time

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    Your Book As A Business

    Endorsed Program ( I will not be delivering it)


    My colleague and five-time best-selling author, Charmaine Hammond, has an opportunity that will appeal if you have a book in the making or one that you’d like to sell more of.


    It’s perfect for any author who’s wondering, now what?

    If you have questions, concerns, or goals such as:

    • What steps and actions should I take to sell more books?
    • My sales have dried up and I’m out of ideas on how to sell the boxes of books that are taking up space in my home/garage. 
    • How can I make my book sales evergreen, where they just keep selling and selling?
    • Is there a method that could help me sell 100 books in the same amount of time that it would normally take me to sell 10 books? 
    • I’d love to learn how to double my book sales at every event (virtual or in person) and support a community charity in the process! 

    Look no further!


    Your Book as a Business https://bit.ly/3pWPRoo, offered in partnership between Raise a Dream and Women Speakers Association, will help you achieve all this and more!


    In this program, you learn how to:


    • Make your Amazon Author page and your Goodreads page work for you and help sell books
    • Secure more media and learn how to sell books when you appear on media
    • Have libraries and bookstores say YES to carrying your book
    • Double your book sales at virtual and live book events
    • Plan a profitable book launch, virtual blog and book tour, or live book tour/series of events
    • Feature your book in book clubs and writing groups
    • Have your book get you booked for speaking (and how to sell more books when you speak)
    • Sell your books by the box, truckload, or skid instead of one at a time
    • Get sponsors to say yes! 
    • And MORE!


    If the content isn’t making this a “heck yeah” for you, check out what comes with the program….


    • Templates, checklists, and done-for-you scripts so you don’t have to create them yourself (from voicemail message scripts, to LinkedIn connection request scripts to get sponsors on a call, to scripts for library and bookstore opportunities, we make it easy for you) 
    • Interviews with authors to learn more about their book selling success strategies 
    • Bonus #1: Membership in the Raise a Dream Insider Group Facebook Group which provides ongoing monthly training, opportunities and connection... plus, for ladies, access to the Women Speakers Association private Facebook Group to share your message
    • Bonus #2: Sponsorship Essentials program: 7 Steps to Funding Your Dream Projects with Sponsorship
    • Bonus #3: Big Dream Primer program: The Proven Method for Partnering with Sponsors (this alone is a $197 USD value)


    Here’s what a few of Charmaine’s past participants said:


    “Charmaine Hammond’s leadership in teaching the Your Book as a Business  https://bit.ly/3pWPRoo course is powerful and life-changing. She generously offers a wealth of experience and business expertise to grow your business, to broaden your reach and to make a contribution to the world. She is loaded with enthusiasm and positive energy.”


    ~ Kimberlee Jo Buckingham
    Speaker, Author, Executive Coach



    “I attended Charmaine’s Your Book as a Business https://bit.ly/3pWPRoo workshop. It was a pleasure working with her as she provided proven strategies and tools to help me highlight my books. Thanks Charmaine!”


    ~ Kelli Y. Stonework

    Author, Advisor, Trainer



    Are you thinking, “What if this just becomes another program I never complete or open?”


    I feel confident sharing this with you knowing Charmaine and Raise a Dream guarantee their programs, 100%! If you complete the program, do the work and are not satisfied, she stands behind the potential of Your Book as a Business with the Raise a Dream Money-Back Guarantee.


    Charmaine is committed to your success!


  • Women In Leadership: Fireside Chat

    Introducing our feature series designed to celebrate, motivate and inspire!


    Join us as we explore the people behind the roles. Hear about their journey, why they serve, what challenges they have overcome and why they keep pushing on.


    Presented via zoom in a fireside chat format. Prepare your tea & cakes, or wine and hors d'oeuvres if you prefer. No charge to attend.


    Each registered attendee will receive a virtual goody bag from our partners.


    Please note that we may send a few feedback questions so that we continue to improve the format.


    Attend with the spirit of positivity, support and encouragement. If you are up for that, this is the event for you!

  • Let's Get Started To Develop


    Your Company

    Business Growth

    Change & Transition

    Strategic Planning

    Organizational Development

    Sales & Service Strategy

    Keynote Speaker


    Your People


    Leadership Development

    Succession Planning

    Leadership Diversity

    Assessments & Coaching




    Lifestyle DesignTM


    Goal Mapping

    Mind Movies


    [Individual, Corporate and Group Programs Available]


    "Felicia’s course allowed me to evaluate myself in a way I hadn’t before. It provided the opportunity to step back and go through a step by step process on who I am, how I work, my strengths, weaknesses, and my goals."


    "She helped me evaluate my Advancing Women Leaders assessment results, interpreting them in a way that we could put a plan together that provided goals for me to achieve."


    " I would highly recommend any woman looking to develop and grow in her career to work with Felicia."


    "It has most definitely been a pleasure working with you (Felicia). You are a great communicator and an excellent teacher. Despite my circumstances you still treat me like a human being. You don't treat me like I'm inferior. You have an extremely high level of professionalism and you understand people in general, on a deeper level, which makes learning from you much easier than learning from someone else."


    "I would recommend working with you on this project because of your teaching style and what you teach. You teach things that we can take with us in our day-to-day lives. You ask insightful questions and teach essential life skills that most of us don't learn in school."


    We are currently seeking Afro & Latina Caribbean Women Leaders (Bermuda included) to participate in a think tank.


    Objectives and guiding principles will be sent to those who reach out. You can be located anywhere in the world to participate.





    Whatever you desire to accomplish, let's tackle it! It just takes effort - and the right strategy. Let's take it one step at a time, then zero in on where we start.

    Is it career, family, finance, intrinsic happiness, or physical transformation?

    The worst action is no action.

    Book a no obligation strategy call today!




    Your success is my reward! I've spent countless hours creating strategies for corporations, and then it clicked! We spend so much of our time trying to make companies successful, why don't we spend more time on our personal success?


    I've created unique personal success programs using many of the same corporate strategies. You will work with me to determine your pain points, design your unique blueprint and implement your unique Lifestyle Design strategy. Let's begin your transformation now!


    Signature Program: BEFORE THE VEIL

    So much effort goes into planning the perfect wedding day. What about the marriage? It's taboo to admit that there is uncertainty and stress in preparing for a marriage. Let's focus some of that energy into to planning your lives together.


    My unique virtual workshops will combine the fun of gathering an excited group of brides-to-be with the common goal of setting a strategy for your marriage. When it's all designed, be prepared to share it with an accountability partner; spouse, maid of honour, family member - you choose!

    Don't just plan your wedding...prepare for your marriage.


    Let's have a confidential chat!


    Signature Program: YOUR BEST YOU EVER!

    We cover my 5 foundational lifestyle areas:

    Mind - Body - Soul - Family - Finance

    1-to-1 or group programs available. Work directly with me or connect with like-minded peers in a virtual format,

    then unleash your best you ever!

    Don't forget register to stay informed about our in-person strategy workshops.





    Voices of the 21st Century

    Contributing Author

    Collaborative Writing Project

    September 2019

    #Voicesofthe21stCentury, I join 50 powerful women who all bring their inspiring messages to life.

    Available in Bermuda at Brown & Co


    Life & Leadership Podcast

    Podcast Contributor

    International Women's Day Edition 2021 with Michelle St. Jane


    Las Morenas De Espana

    Guest Contributor

    Online Community Platform Teaching You How to Move Abroad and Build A Life You Love

    July 2019

    Maintaining Emotional Support While Living Abroad


    Las Morenas De Espana

    Guest Contributor

    Online Community Platform Teaching You How to Move Abroad and Build A Life You Love


    August 2019

    Moving Abroad In Your 50's


    Las Morenas De Espana

    Guest Contributor

    Online Community Platform Teaching You How to Move Abroad and Build A Life You Love


    December 2019

    Taking An Adult Gap Year


  • BLOG

    October 25, 2018 · Personal Development
    Patience Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you are guaranteed to have spells where you just cant seem to get the shot that you want. This spell can last for a few swings, or a few years! We’ve all watched the professionals fighting to get their form back, and even though we cringe at...

    Voices of the 21st Century

    Voices of the 21st Century

    50 extraordinary women come together to celebrate a new era. Their stories challenge the status quo, bring to light once dark topics, and introduce new ways of thinking. Every woman should have a copy!
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